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Empatheias is a large, floating island and is the last remnant of a destroyed world. Its only city, Verens, is a somewhat strange place with its steampunk design and magitech technology. No two buildings ever seem to look the same, but perhaps it's not just because of the nature of its fashion. Emotions also help to change and sometimes warp the city and the island itself. Through these emotions, the island continues to grow, revealing more about what happened to the world below. These emotions can also play a role in much smaller ways. A simple laugh can illuminate a room, an angry outburst can shatter windows. The grass can both grow and wither depending on who is standing on it.

These emotions are collected in special crystal amulets and it is this amulet that you will rely on throughout your stay. As you meet and interact with people, explore the world, and go about your daily life, it will fill with the various emotions you experience. Keep it close, for it may prove to be the key to returning home.

However, there's more to this world than meets the eye. With the appearance of giant, powerful, mythical beings called the Arehtei, it would appear that while the floating island is thriving, the rest of the world is in its death throes. Something tragic happened eight hundred years ago, a mystery that no one remembers but are determined to solve. It would seem that the path home may prove more difficult than anticipated, and may require some "emotional aid" on your part. Perhaps this is the very reason why you were brought here to begin with.

But there are too many unanswered questions, and with each one that is answered, more arise. The only clues you have are tied to your emotions—emotions strong enough to shake the very foundations of this world.

So keep an eye on how you and others feel. Who knows what will be revealed next?

Open since August 1, 2014

Empatheias is a panfandom role-playing game where characters can affect their environment through their emotions, CR, and other discoveries they make. It has a mixture of slice-of-life and adventure with a focus on character relationships and development. The plot and lore of the world will also be revealed through various large events determined by the emotional flow of the game base.

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